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High quality bioanalytics

For high quality bioanalytics a research group needs the proper tools and applications to create the right conditions for experiments and sampling procedures. GC Biotech is provider of many of these well known and widely used technologies. There are many ways to extract certain molecules from a serum or a solution, but one does need certain reagents or devices to isolate the particles of interest. Another step in the research being done is properly observing the created samples. All these devices and necessary solutions to extract and detect biochemical compound can be found in the webstore of GC Biotech.

For example BiOptic Inc. is an instrument company which develops, produces, and markets biotechnological detection systems for protein, DNA, carbohydrate and immunoassay analysis. These devices are fully-integrated to detect bio-molecules of this kind. The products of BiOptic are used in research studies, clinical studies and various industries. Make sure you keep on the edge of advanced research with newly developed automated robots and appliances of GC Biotech.

Other precise instruments

Our company provides more machines and devices for making study and research easy. GC Biotech represents many biotechnology companies which can solve many issues concerning bioanalytics. Make use of the items of CleanNA for purified nucleic acid samples or use BioNex for solid liquid handling robots that ensure all your results are sound and reliable. Denovix has a wide range of instruments to offer which can be used for spectrophotometry and as a fluorometer.

GC Biotech’s supply

Because of GC Biotech’s grand supply of high quality tools for bioanalytics a professional will always find a useful device to use in scientific research about genes, biochemistry, pharmaceutical compounds and other subjects. This way a lot of time can be spent actually doing the study instead of doing repetitious pipetting a robot could do as well. Therefor make sure to visit our site and see for yourself what GC Biotech can supply for your work.