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Take these steps when you are moving to Amsterdam

It is logical you need to learn the Dutch language by taking Dutch classes in Amsterdam or following any Dutch course. But there are also other things you need to think about before you can move to Amsterdam. But taking Dutch classes in Amsterdam remains a good start. In this article you will read other steps you need to take when you are moving to Amsterdam.


Find a place where you can stay

It will give you a certain calmness and peace to mind when you have a place to stay in Amsterdam. But is also necessary if you want to get a Citizen Service Number. You will need a rental contract or agreement before you can register yourself at the municipality.


The public transport

For the public transport in The Netherlands you need an OV-chipcard. The public transport in Amsterdam is well organized. Buses, trams and metros are usually on time. You can also find public transport bikes, an easy to use transport in the crowded city of Amsterdam. When you want to use these bikes, you must have a season ticket.


Find a place where you can work

It can be a big challenge to find a job in your own country and city but finding a job while moving to a new city in a new count can be even a bigger challenge. It is wise to think beforehand what kind of work you want to do. In Amsterdam you can visit the UWV where they can give you advice and information. There are also recruitment agencies all over Amsterdam.


The Netherlands is bigger than Amsterdam

Despite that Amsterdam has a lot of things to do and you do not need to leave, you can see a whole lot more than Amsterdam. With the public transport you can easily make city trips to cities like Utrecht, Den Haag or Rotterdam. Besides the great cities, there are a lot of beautiful small towns and great nature.