NBA Live Mobile Playoffs is a special program that allows players to participate in limited duration live events, to make predictions and to acquire 80+ OVR players.

NBA Live Mobile is hosting a special program dedicated to this year’s Playoffs. The program is active throughout the duration of the postseason. New players and special live events are added to the game. The new Playoffs players will all have at least 80 OVR so they’re are a nice addition and maybe an upgrade for players teams. The live events system is once again committed to reflect the real NBA events. Each real Playoffs match will have an in game live event.

Players are invited to complete these events for rewards and for items that are needed to unlock Playoffs players. There are some Master players available but the big reward is Russell Westbrook 95 OVR triple double king card. Those who take part in these events can make predictions by using collectible items. If the prediction proves to be correct, players get even more rewards.

Players can show support for their favorite teams with slogan live events. These activities offer the chance to acquire teams slogans who are not just for show. Special sets that make use of slogans are available in game. By completing them, players obtain Conference Playoffs card packs. Big Moments and Legend live events are a great chance to relive remarkable events. Special Big Moments events allow players to experience the most memorable moments from the Playoffs.

Legends events send players back in time to discover past Playoffs. Throughout the Playoffs event, all those who take part in themed activities are rewarded with special prizes. A new NBA Live Mobile feature is now giving players the chance to let others know of their accomplishments. The game now has a sharing tool for players to use when they acquire a rare card or complete a valuable set. Players are encouraged to check NBA Live Mobile social network accounts to stay up to date with Playoffs program evolution and most recent news.  For NBA game playing, the NBA live mobile coins are also you needed, it can help yo a lot for playing, the better players you can buy, the better items you can buy, that is good for your playing.